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    We Strive for Beauty From The Inside Out

    You never get a second chance to make a first impression so make it a great one!

    I knew I wanted to be of service ever since I was a child. After securing my Cosmetology license in 1981 my life has been dedicated to helping others be the best they can be from the inside out.

    As a Skin Care specialist, Makeup Artist,

    Hair dresser I can bring out the most beautiful you.

    Add Image Consultant /Wardrobe stylist to the roster, and I can do a complete transformation.

    Specializing in my Turn Around Program I help get people on the right track to success by building their Self Esteem and getting their Look together for their New Career.

    Im extremely proud of my contribution to our communities.

  • Be All That You Can Be

    Let me bring out your best YOU!!!

    Turn Around Program

    Be the best you can be, Let me show you the way.

    Paying it forward is so gratifying for me. To watch people blossom into their best self Inside and Out is my Top Goal.

    Wardrobe Consultations

    Dress for your Body Type

    Wear your perfect Colors



    We all need a little Makeover / Wardrobe Update let me help you find your best look. You'll be glad you did.

    Dress for Success

    Beauty and Fashion are my passion check out my Store

    Skin Care and Makeup lesson

    Take care of your skin its the only one your going to get


    I look forward to helping you in all of your Beauty needs!



    Raising money for The Los Cabos Humane Society


    as The Cabos Supremes

    We come on at minute





    I met a very nice women at Fox who started Do One nice Thing I felt it in my heart to help the children

    Do One Nice Thing

    I bought and sent School supplies & gifts to School Children in Afghanistan whos Schools were blown up.



    I was happy to get a thank you note from an Soldier, it melted my heart

    Thank you note from the American Soldiers who delivered my boxes to the teachers and students to get the schools up and running again




    I think the students gave more to me than I to them. The best feeling in the world is to be needed

    Dome Village teaching Color Analysis and Self Care

    A homeless Shelter serving 100 Women men and children



    Toys for Tots Hope for kids

    I must have done 100 makeups that night what a great time

    The kids look forward to the soldiers bringing their only gift they will receive and love being pampered



    Toys for Tots Hope for kids

    She won student of the year, I brought her a crown and gave her a makeover she loved it

    A great time was had by all. These Kids were all so excited it really put a smile on everyones faces



    I really enjoyed helping the patients at the clinic, to see the transformation was a real gift for both of us

    Mini makeovers are the beginning of a new you, rekindle your work and love life with a better new you


    I am licensed to do Hair, Skin Care and Makeup as a licensed Cosmetologist in Nevada

    I specialize in Corrective Color, Haircuts, skin care and Makeup, been licensed since 1981

    I had the honor of working at Fox News for 12 years at The L.A. Bureau

    Out of the 100's of Celebs I worked with she was my most frequent and fave guest

    Shaq is super cool and very humble, he kept the set laughing non stop

    I was the Artistic Director for Comcast for 10 Commercials working with Shaq was the best

    Heres my client list from my Fox years

    Hollywood will hone your skills like no other

    Merv Griffin The king of Hollywood was a favorite of mine RIP







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    Q&A for a Modern Active Lifestyle

    Should I use lip cream every day?

    The skin on your lips is very fragile and it's strongly recommended to apply lip cream daily, especially in dry weather and cold climates.

    Your Skin is delicate treat it with respect a little work everyday goes a long way.

    I have oily skin. Does that mean I need to drink more water?

    Everyone should drink a lot of water for your skin to stay moist and avoid wrinkles


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